Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heaven Misplaced (Douglas Wilson): Chapter 1 (On the Mountain of the Lord) Questions and Answers

I am reading through Douglas Wilson's book Heaven Misplaced and at the end of each of the chapters he has a few questions for discussion which I will be attempting to provide answers to here. My answers will be paraphrases and/or quotes from the chapters themselves, and I will provide page numbers as needed or thought helpful.


Question 1. Once the Messiah comes, what will His government and peace do? What are the implications of this?
Answer 1. His government and peace has been unceasing since His birth, the government being on His shoulder. "The Lord reigns from heaven, exercising all rule an dominion. From that place He will destroy every enemy, and every thought that sets itself up against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:1-5)." (pgs. 14, 15, 17)

Q 2. When did the apostle Paul locate the beginning of the fulfillment of Isaiah's great prophecy?
A 2. Jesus' life.

Q 3. When the root of Jesse is established as a standard, what will all the Gentile nations do?
A 3. They will stream to Him, putting their trust in Him, becoming people of God, taken to the Lord's holy mountain, God will give His people a feast culminating in the destruction of death. (pgs. 16, 17)

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