Friday, October 30, 2009

Men Don't Like Death and Decay

Men do not like death and decay. Who would, right? Particularly in the area of women, our temptations are to dislike the woman who is "not in her prime," preferring to ogle the "pretty young thing." This is false, a blatant lie about how God created mankind. God made men and women to be young, to be older, and then to be old, and all of these times of life come with physical changes. It is a denial of the created order to desire women to remain frozen in a certain time of their life. I think it is fundamentally a denial of the resurrection, meaning God established new life, the true life, life renewed and completed to come about after death. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried and then resurrected to new life.
When men lust after women who are designed and scripted not to change by a sinful world (or compare and criticize women who do change), they are denying the very essence of what it means to be human, to be made in the image of God. First God made us in his image, and as if that were not enough of a blessing, he continues on to transform us into his sons in his Son. Husbands are Sons of God fundamentally and foundationally, and Scripture teaches that we are to love our wives as Christ loved the Church. Christ did not come to love His bride in one time of her life, as if one time were better than another, but to love her eternally, completely and fully.
We die in Christ's death, and are brought to life in His life. To love a wife as Christ loved the church is often viewed by men as a burden, as something that "just has to be done." Not that Christian men reject's Biblical after all. Rather, while men easily accept Christian terms and definitions, readily agreeing to the principle of the thing, it seems to be another thing entirely to be saddled with the actual reality and responsibility of doing what Christ did (and, let us be honest, of doing a very minuscule version of what He did for us).
Christ loved the church, and thus did what He did. Christ continues to love His church, and thus delights in us regardless of what part of the body we are located in. His love is a love that delights in the perfect skin of the newborn, and the marred skin of the burn-victim. His love is with us when our bodies are decaying and dying. How could a husband's love be any less? We as husbands have been given a wife! God gives us a wonderful gift, commands us regarding the proper way to treat her, and then promises throughout Scripture that he will always be with us, helping us to do complete our charge. How much greater could this be?!
Husbands are to delight, and I mean truly delight, in wrinkles, stretch-marks, extra weight and even changing emotions. This is our "church". This is our body. This is our delight.

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    Still, some good points!